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The New General Auditing Commission (GAC)
Republic of Liberia
The official site of The New General Auditing Commission is under development. Meanwhile, this temporary site will provide you with information regarding the vision, goal, and planned activities of the Commission as well as the state of the GAC during the official turnover to the New GAC Administration.
The Government of Liberia (GOL) is undertaking a project to identify and remove “ghost names” from the Government of Liberia payroll. The project will be completed in three phases:
Phase 1: The Consolidation and Verification of Ministries and Agencies Payroll Lists
Phase 2: Independent Audit of Ministries and Agencies Payroll Lists and Management Systems
Phase 3: Implementation of a Biometric Identification System for Government ongoing operations.
The Government is expected to realize a significant amount of savings resulting from the identification and removal of “ghost employees” from the payroll.
To enforce the “ Auditor’s Independence Rule”, GAC will conduct an independent audit of its own Payroll List and Management Systems prior to the commencement of the audit of the various ministries and government agencies. The aim is to:
1. Identify and remove any “ghost employee” that may exist on the GAC payroll
2. Identify any conflict of interest situation that could arise as a result of assigning GAC auditors to a Government Payroll Audit Engagement.

Consistent with the GOL mandate, the GAC will freeze the proposed increment in employees’ salaries and wages until the GOL Payroll Audit is completed.
Robert L. Kilby, CPA, CITP
Auditor General
Republic of Liberia

General Auditing Commission (GAC), Republic of Liberia Old Executive Mansion Building, Ashmun Street, Monrovia, L
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