49 Staff of the General Auditing Commission Receive the Certified Fraud Examination (CFE) Credentials

Some staff of the General Auditing Commission who successfully passed the CFE Exam
Some staff of the General Auditing Commission who successfully passed the CFE Exam
Photo Credit: GAC

Monrovia Liberia – December 20, 2011: 49 staff of the General Auditing Commission and 18 staff members of the Ministry of Finance have successfully passed the Certified Fraud Examination (CFE) Certification examination following three months of intense training under the sponsorship of the General Auditing Commission.  The training was conducted by the Executive Director of the Kenya Chapter of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Jane Mugo.

Formal Certification of the successful candidates is expected soon. Once certificated, they will effectively become members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) represents the largest pool of anti fraud knowledge in the world with more than 55,000 members in 165 countries.  The ACFE was founded by former law enforcement professionals who recognize that the prevention and deterrence of fraud can only be realized through forging strong public and private sector relationships.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFEs) are globally recognized leaders with proven expertise in the anti-fraud profession.  CFEs possess valuable experience that is relevant to the mission of the GAC.  The rigorous Uniform CFE Examination tests applicants in the following critical areas of fraud detection and prevention: (1) legal elements of fraud; (2) fraudulent financial transactions; (3) fraud investigation; and (4) fraud prevention and deterrence.

In addition to demonstration competency in the four areas listed above, CFEs must meet stringent academic, professional and character requirements; comply with the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics; and continually build their skills through ongoing professional education.  All applicants are vetted prior to their certification.  Criteria for the CFE are set by an independent Board of Regents, which is elected directly ACFE members.

 The CFE certification program is part of the GAC’s professional and human resource capacity development policy which is embedded in its strategic plan.

The GAC notes that the mass success of its staff and those of the Finance Ministry in the CFE examination is an event without precedent and thus a milestone for Liberia.

Staff of the General Auditing Commission who successfully passed the CFE Exam

1.     Alphonso Kpanda
2.    Alphonso Pearson
3.    Augustine K. Ndorbor
4.    Azepturs S. Barbu
5.    B. Spenser Austine
6.    Ballah Barclay
7.    Barbi E.E. Momolu, Sr.
8.    Bedee N. Kanneh
9.    C. Emmanuel Johnson
10.    Charlotte Pearson Weah
11.    Cyrus Q. Cole
12.    Duowu  S. Beahquoi
13.    Dwana Bakongo Sesay
14.    Edward R. Rick
15.    Edwin G. Barquoi
16.    Franklin  Dwalue
17.    G. Willis Kolubah
18.    George W. Harmon
19.    Jallah B. Kollie
20.    James Ndorleh
21.    Janga S. Kpennie
22.    Jerome C. Pour
23.    John K. Cooper
24.    John T. Bengue
25.    Joseph K. Bestman
26.    Lorpu B. Kpainkpah
27.    Lorpu M. Joekai
28.    Marjay Garnett
29.    Moses Y. Kermu
30.    Murphy Kolako
31.    Nathaniel K. Sokan
32.    Octavious Ballah
33.    Patrick B. Colee
34.    Peter  Wisdom Fayiah
35.    Peter T. Gbarbo
36.    Philip D. Samuels
37.    Prince M. Konneh
38.    Randall J. Grant
39.    Roosevelt W. Seedee
40.    Samuel T. Mulbah
41.    Stephen P. Wiah
42.    T. Damacious Saysay
43.    Theophilus S. Seeton
44.    Thomas K. Johnson
45.    Vinnette C. Doe
46.    Bob Lincoln
47.    Dominick Sworh
48.    James P. Fromah
49.    Sylvester A. Gongar

Staff of the Ministry of Finance who successfully passed the CFE Exam                                


1.    Abraham F. Siafa
2.    Althelia Z. Grasco
3.    Augustine Chenoway
4.    B. Al-Dennis, I
5.    Chris R. Suakweli
6.    Christie J. Doe
7.    Eddie H. Howe
8.    Farquema A. Cokie
9.    F. Fallah Nyumah
10.    J. Ervin Kwia
11.    Mustapha S. Lumeh
12.    Peter T. Solo
13.    Rufus G. Mahn
14.    Sam Kezekai
15.    Sheikh A. Sheriff
16.    William F. Tamba
17.    Samuel D. Wureh, Jr.
18.    Christian N. Kaizai