CFE Auditors to Conduct Payroll Audit at GAC The Auditor-General of the Republic of Liberia, Hon. Robert L. Kilby, has embarked on the need to audit the payroll of the General Auditing Commission befo

Photo Credit: Communications Department

AG Kilby in a meeting with the 52 Certified Fraud Examiners that were trained by the Kenyan Chapter of the Certified Fraud Examiners in 2011, said the auditing of the Commission’s payroll is the right measure in making sure that it is devoid of ghost names if there are any, while preparing for the entire country’s payroll audit.

Accordingly, the auditing of the GAC payroll will be done exclusively by an independent auditing firm that will be outsourced by the management of the commission.

Meanwhile, Auditor-General Robert L. Kilby has confirmed that the 52 Certified Fraud Examiners who are currently employed at the commission will shortly sign an MOU to conduct similar audit into the accounts of the commission’s payroll. The CFE Auditors, according to them, have not had any increment in their salaries since their statuses were changed as Certified Fraud Examiners.

The CFE auditors will serve as internal auditors for the Commission in the payroll audit and verification exercise as a separate audit to be conducted. The audit when completed, and based on performance and results satisfactory to the Auditor General, the CFEs may benefit from salary increment to commensurate with their professional title.

The audit is expected to commence soon and the exercise will last for two weeks.

It can be recalled that Hon. Kilby, after taking over as Auditor General, communicated to the staff through a memo that there was a need that the Commission be the first to audit its own payroll before venturing into the entire Government of Liberia’s Personal Account. This, he said will be a sign of transparency and accountability, since in fact it is the Commission that needs to set a better example. Based upon the decision, all increment for staff salaries at the GAC are suspended until an independent audit can be completed and ghost names identified if there exists any.