GAC/EU Launch US$4.76 Million of the Long Term Technical Assistance Program for GAC

Photo Credit: Communications Department

The General Auditing Commission (GAC) and the European Union have launched the Second Phase of the EU Long Term Technical Assistance Program geared towards strengthening the capacity of the Commission.

Speaking at the welcoming ceremony of the program, Acting Auditor-General Winsley S. Nanka noted that the launched was very remarkable in the history of the GAC, and thanked the EU for the enormous support to the Commission since 2007. He however noted that since the end of the civil war, the EU as an international partner selected the commission in a bid to support transparency and accountability.

Further speaking, Mr. Nanka noted that the EU support to the GAC went beyond just the paying the first Auditor-General and defraying capacity-building of staffs, but also renovated the north-western wing of the old Executive Mansion which currently houses the Commission.

Making further disclosure, Mr. Nanka was quick to point out that the second phase of the LTTA program which is valued at 3.8m EUROS equivalent to 4.76m United States Dollars has four major components including strengthening the regulatory frame work of the GAC, the construction and equipment of two regional offices for the GAC.

Concluding, the Acting Auditor-General of the Republic of Liberia said the second phase of the LTTA program will last for thirty months and those assigned at the Commission under this phase are UK-based PKF Consultants. The Acting AG indicated that the GAC will used the assistance to ensure that accountability, transparency and fiscal probity are embodiment of Liberia’s public financial management system.

For his part, the Deputy National Authorizing Officer of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. Alvin Atta thanked the European Union Delegation and the people of Europe for allowing their taxpayers’ money to be used for the development of our governance process, noting that the EU has been a major partner in our recovery. Mr. Atta however made it clear that the selection of PKF Consultants to head the EU LTTA program at the GAC for the second phase was done through a competitive bidding process.

Speaking as EU Special Representative, Elenora Keob, on behalf of the EU Ambassador, said that the relationship between the GAC and the EU has come a long way, and as such, the EU delegation was happy to be involved in this process and that it will follow the program closely.

Also making remarks was the Deputy Auditor-General for Administration of the Commission, Hon. Taweh J. Veikai, who expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the European Union for its support to the Commission and the Government and people of Liberia.

It can be recalled that the EU has over the years committed itself to supporting the work of the GAC in several mediums. The development of human resource capacity which has seen several employees of the Commission go through local and international trainings, the provision of logistics, to name a few.

Under the first phase of the Long Term Technical Assistance Program was the renovation project of the third floor of the Commission’s building by the European Union.