UN Tells Governments to Promote Efficiency, Effectiveness and Transparency in Governance

Photo Credit: Communications Department

Arusha, Tanzania (21 April 2012) - The United Nations 66th Generally Assembly in Resolution A/66/209 adopted on 22 December has expressly recognized the independence of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and has indicated that SAIs can accomplish their missions objectively and effectively from the audited entities (national governments) only if they are independent in fact and appearance from the auditees (national governments) and devoid of political interference.


The information was disclosed by Mr. Terrance Nombembe, Auditor General of South Africa and Chairman of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) at the African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions English Speaking Countries (AFROSAI-E) 9th Board of Governors Meeting and Workshop held in Arusha, Tanzania from 16 April through 21 April 2012.  The resolution which has been reduced into a policy communication for distribution to Governments across the world, requests  United Nations Member States and relevant institutions to cooperate with INTOSAI in the areas of capacity building and  the promotion of good governance by strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions.


The South African Auditor General disclosed that this is a milestone resolution given that this is the first time in the history of the United Nations that the independence of SAIs has been promoted by the world body, he therefore called on Auditors General across Africa to ensure that their Governments enforce the contents of the document which includes accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in governance.


Earlier at the opening   ceremonies, the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Honorable Mizengo Pinda, told the African Auditors General that issues of good governance and accountability and effective use of resources should be of broader concerns to all peoples, he also admonished the African Auditors General to work towards achieving accountability and transparency in the public sector financial management


During the meeting, several important issues relative to strengthening the AFROSAI-E was adopted by the Board of Governors in the final resolution including the sharing of experiences and best practices, the appropriate budget support by national governments for AFROSAI-E member countries, SAIs should institute accountability and transparency within their organizations by being best practice organizations, the development of risk management systems, among others.


Meanwhile, Liberia was appointed on the Finance Committee and the Auditor General of Zimbabwe was elected to serve as vice chair of AFROSAI –E for three years.  The GAC was represented by Acting Auditor General Winsley Nanka and the Deputy Auditor General Taweh J Veikai.