GACís Audits are not based on Political Consideration

Nanka, Winsley  S., Acting Auditor General
Nanka, Winsley S., Acting Auditor General
Photo Credit: GAC

The General Auditing Commission asserts that its commissioned audit of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs was not based on political consideration. The clarification was made in connection to statements made on a local radio station on February 1, 2012 which suggested that the GAC’s pending audit of the ministry is political.

The GAC says its audit of the Planning Ministry is simply based on the planned merger of the ministry with the Ministry of Finance as contained in President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s state of the nation address. The Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs has not been audited since the creation of the new GAC in 2006. Therefore, it is prudent that GAC audits the ministry pending its merger with the Ministry of Finance due to the inherent risk to public resources as a result of not auditing the ministry before the merger.

The GAC also notes that the Acting Planning Minister Amara Konneh welcomes the audit and has indicated his desire to work with the GAC to enhance accountability and transparency in public sector financial management. He requested for an extension of the audit, something which has been granted by the Acting Auditor General.

The GAC is clothed with the authority to perform audits of all government agencies and organizations to any extent the Auditor General deems necessary. Chapter 53 of the 1972 Executive Law that created the General Auditing Commission also empowers it to audit all government’s transactions and accounts relating to the receipt, disbursement and utilization of the public monies.

 The GAC does not want to give credence to statements emanating from individuals who lack basic understanding of the work of the commission. These individuals lack interest in accountability, transparency, good governance and fiscal probity. They therefore find pleasure in bashing the GAC. These individuals should note that GAC’s activities are purely professional and not political.

The General Auditing Commission remains resolute in its fight against fraud, waste and abuse, as it is prepared to work with anyone interested in accountability and transparency in our governance system. The GAC will remain the foremost pillar of integrity in Liberia and wants to assure the people of Liberia and our international partners of its unwavering fight against corruption in Liberia.